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First Lady Inspires Emmy Nominated Actress
Beth Chamberlin, long-time leading lady on the legendary daytime drama, “Guiding Light” has adapted her cutting edge fitness program to create a high-quality home workout, using common household items as equipment.
New York, NY (PRWEB) April 28, 2011 – When Beth Chamberlin viewed Michele Obama’s video commemorating the first anniversary of her “Let’s Move” initiative to end childhood obesity, she was moved by the First Lady’s call to action.  Beth realized that her television fame and her reputation and expertise in the fitness world placed her in a unique position to contribute in a meaningful way to this effort.   So she dove into the task of creating a home fitness program for everyone. 
“I believe that most children learn their important life lessons from their parents,” said Chamberlin.  “And the best way for parents to encourage children to become more physically active is by setting the example.”  Her first goal then was to create a fitness program that was safe, effective and could be done in the home so that children could see their parents exercising and even take part.
From her experiences in operating an online health and fitness business, Beth knew that the people trying to start a fitness program often find it difficult to find the time to go to the gym.  Many are intimidated by the idea of exercising or don’t know where to start.  Still others cannot afford the cost of trainers, gyms memberships or home equipment in these difficult economic times.
“I wanted to make the journey to fitness and vitality accessible and affordable for everyone.  So the workout I created is designed to use products that people already have in their home or can be purchased in any supermarket for less ten dollars.  I also made the workout available on my website  “Beth Chamberlin Beauty, Health and Fitness,” as a gift for all those interested in taking this important step.” 
Anyone interested in using this program can go to www.bcbhf.com, download a complimentary copy of the “First Lady Fitness Workout” and begin changing their lives and those of their children today.  An introduction to this new workout can be seen on YouTube or at www.bcbhf.com.
“By offering this exercise program as a gift, I am hoping to reach those people who have not had access to home fitness before.  I believe that this program makes it possible.  I have no connection to Michele Obama nor did she endorse this program.  But, I was inspired by her initiative and I dedicate this to her.  I hope she doesn’t mind.”
Beth Chamberlin played the part of Beth Raines, on Guiding Light for 15 years.  For the past three years she has been promoting the metabolic approach to strength and fitness training using kettlebells as the primary tool.   She will be hosting a virtual launch party to celebrate the release of the First Lady Fitness Workout on April 28, 2011 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM eastern time.  Those interested in participating may call (646) 200-0147 or log on to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/indie_intertube/2011/04/28/bethchamberlincom-launch-party.   An introduction for the first video can be seen at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=rveDCUPd8VA.


Beth Chamberlin is one of daytime’s most popular leading ladies. Beth has portrayed the long-suffering heroine, Beth Raines (Bauer, Spaulding, Lemay, Winslow) since 1989, earning critical acclaim as well as two Soap Opera Award nominations for her work. In addition to the role of Beth Raines, Ms. Chamberlin also won rave reviews for her performance as Beth Raine’s alter ego, Lorelei Hills. Beyond her television work, Beth also penned the successful novel, Lorelei’s Guiding Light, An Intimate Diary, which was released in June of 2002. The book is based on Beth’s work as an actress.

Outside of her work on Guiding Light, Beth has also appeared in the films The Big Picture, The Right Way and Best Shots and starred in the plays The Taming of the Shrew, Miss Julie, Crimes of the Heart and The Heidi Chronicles.

Beth was born in Danville, Vermont and graduated from Danville High School. In June of 2002, Beth gave the commencement speech for the graduating class of Danville High. Beth attended New York University as a dance and theater major. Beth also studied ballet at the American Ballet Theater in New York and continued her drama studies with acclaimed acting teachers William Esper, William Hickey and Tim Phillips.

Beth is also the spokesperson for the Guiding Light Humanity Bracelet. Thousands of Guiding Light fans have purchased the bracelet and Beth has appeared numerous times on QVC representing this bracelet for Guiding Light.

She keeps herself busy with volunteer work. Beth is especially active in raising money and awareness for ALS. Beth is a board member of the Curtis R. Vance Foundation, an organization who raises money for research and helps support ALS sufferers and their families.

In her spare time, Beth is a certified PSIA ski instructor. She also enjoys hosting parties for friends, writing and decorating. Beth and her husband, Peter Roy, share a 1904 colonial which they have recently completed renovating. Look for complete before and after pictures of Beth’s home in the fall issue of “Better Homes and Gardens” special interest publication, “Do It Yourself”.

Beth also substitutes for vacationing talk show hosts in the New York and Connecticut area.